Jon Zahourek, Artist & Anatomist

Jon had always realized that the understanding of anatomy and kinesiology empowered him and his  students to create art without dependence on visual reference of any sort.  It was during his tenure at the Parsons school of design, that the world of art and anatomy began to collide in a profound way.  Jon created a scale model skeleton on which to demonstrate surface anatomy in clay to his students.  Through the use of these models, anatomy began to make simple sense to him for the first time.   He realized that in shaping models and using clay to construct anatomy onto the models, he was simultaneously shaping his own learning.  His artistic appreciation of the human body led him to profound insights into the study of anatomy.

Maniken® Human Skeleton Model

Caniken® Dog Skeleton Model

Equiken® Horse Skeleton Model

Paniken™ Chimpanzee Skeleton Model

Papiken™ Baboon Skeleton Model